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Writside exists to design websites &  find creative ways of marketing companies 



Previously called Elbwrits Minimalist (which focused on Web Design), Writside aims to do more than design websites and engage in Company Hosting and Marketing. This came about after realizing that many companies in Kenya don't invest much in their websites as much as they should, and those that try to, don't maintain them and use them as they ought to be used.

Missing Out

This means that many businesses are missing out on the readily accessible data that websites can provide about their clients and the many metrics surrounding them. Data that identifies weaknesses, strengths and opportunities that the business can exploit to strategize and offer better products and services.

Online Platforms

To help such companies and businesses that are starting up or that don't want to invest in their own platforms, I developed Writside to give them an online presence and at the same time, market them. WRITSIDE is actively involved in getting your company to potential clients.

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